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ProjectBuildCounter is a free stand alone tool autoincrementing NET project version (a counter) on each build.
ProjectBuildCounter manipulates Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs file of a project. As the file name asume it contains somewhere in the contents the product version. It has following form:
[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.13")] 
ProjectBuildCounter reads AssemblyInfo.cs file and increments versions using following logic:
  • Revision number (4th position) is incremented from 1 to 9999. When exceed the upper bound Build number is incremented and Release is reset to one.
  • Build number (3rd position) is incremented from 1 to 999. When it goes beyond previous number (Minor) is incremented and build counter is reset to one.
  • Minor is incremented from 1 to 99. When current number goes above 99 Major is incremented and Minor is reset to one.

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